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Top 5 Characteristics of Employers of Choice – Employee View (2010)

An employer of choice is “any employer that attracts, optimises, and holds top talent for long tenure … because the employees choose to be there”. The latest findings from the L.E.A.D. Survey suggest that organisations need to reinvent themselves to align more closely with the notion of employer of choice. L.E.A.D. results have identified the following as the top 5 (out of 20) characteristics of an employer of choice:

Top 5 Characteristics of Employer of Choice
As of Now – Employee View (2010)
% in Top 5(Rank)
Recognises and rewards staff well 57 (1)
(=) Invests in the learning and development of its people 53 (=2)
(=) Operates ethically and fairly at all times 53 (=2)
Has family/life friendly workplace practices 42 (4)
Management is passionate and engaging to work with 40 (5)

The message is very clear – leaders and managers must recognise and reward staff for their efforts during the difficult economic times of recent years – and do so quickly before they walk, (as one in four are already out there applying for new jobs).

But they must also invest in the learning and development of their people, operate ethically and fairly and build a family / life friendly environment where people want to stay rather than leave for better opportunities.

If you’re not exhibiting these and other characteristics of employer of choice, chances are you may be finding it hard to keep your best people and attract others like them.

The complete list, results, explanations, and actionable recommendations to this and other key L.E.A.D. findings can be found in the book, A Decade of L.E.A.D. – Looking Forward, Looking Back.

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